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Free, informative IPA transcription for Lyric Diction

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Contrary to other transcription tools, Open IPA transcribes text into IPA in real-time, providing instantaneous transcription in multiple languages to help you spend less time transcribing and more time singing.


Many transcription tools function as a bit of a "black box", spitting out IPA with seemingly no clear process. With Open IPA, transcriptions include not only the IPA but the thought process behind it, allowing you to better understand the transcriptions you use.


Open IPA thrives off of contribution and feedback from the community of people that use it. We welcome any and all input, and greatly encourage users to become involed and help improve Open IPA for the betterment of those who use it.

Why Open IPA?

Open IPA features text to IPA transcription in real-time. That means you can type out text, and Open IPA will transcribe it live in front of you, without having to wait for a transcription to be procesed. Try it out in the boxes!

In addition to live transcription, Open IPA gives you nuanced feedback about each transcription. Try hovering over the syllables in the IPA result to see!

Latin Text Input

IPA Result